Simplifying Robotics

1 On 1 help

The Creative Tech Workshops allow you to get personal guidance in working with robotics and tech in general.

Evolving your potential

With the Creative Tech Workshops in your portfolio, you will have a much greater understanding of how technology works.

Professional guidance

Clionadh Martin has a career in and passion for robotics. She has a Master's degree in robotics engineering and experience as a developer.

Technical analysis

You will learn how to debug, program, develop, build and understand both the soft- and hardware of your project.

Talks & discussions

Learn with others in a collaborative and inspiring environment.

Online registration

Sign up for the Creative Tech Workshops today.

The Organizers

Nina Popovic

Nina Popovic is the founder and CEO of InspireU Events and Project Manager for Creative Tech Workshops

Clionadh Martin

Clionadh Martin is a technical lead of the Creative Tech Workshops and has a master's degree in robotics.


Six stars for the
Creative Tech Workshops

The Creative Tech Workshops will help you understand robotics and build your very own robot.

You will be autonomous enough to create your own projects!

The workshops will teach you low level skills and introduce you to high level robotics.

Get the opportunity to be a part of the technological growth in Odense.

The workshops will open the door to the robotic cluster in Odense - you will gain enough knowledge to be able to understand what is going on in the world of robots.

Learn how to "pimp up" your home with projects such as giving your bed an 'underglow' or automated system to water your plants while you are away.

Volunteers with passion for robotics are welcome

Do you have advanced knowledge of robotics, and would you like to share your experience with beginners? Now you have the chance. Become a volunteer and work with Clionadh Martin, a professional robotics engineer. Sign up here: 

Contact us for a volunteer position


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